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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Nomura




The second paragraph is harder. This is where you need to start selling yourself and explaining why you’re such a hot catch for the bank you’re applying to. Don’t use empty phrases like, “I am a determined, motivated individual.” Look at the key words and skills used to describe the job you’re applying for and explain how you match them. Focus on results and on outcomes. Be specific. Talk about what you’ve studied and how it’s relevant, says McLean. If you’ve studied finance and know how to do a DCF, now’s the time to mention that. If you haven’t studied finance but have good relationship management skills and you want to work in M&A (a relationship-focused business), mention them here. Provide EVIDENCE for the skills you’re claiming to have. Don’t just make empty statements.

If you’re a student, Harrisons says you should use this paragraph to reference your excellent academics and any awards you’ve won.

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