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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Nomura


off cycle internship

Dear Sir or Madam, At EMLYON Business School, we are taught to have an entrepreneurial approach and a profound understanding on the way the world does business; I believe your firm is where I can perfectionate these teachings. I am thrilled by the long-term management vision Nomura has set for the year 2020 and how they plan to address the two main challenges to achieve such vision. Nomura impresses me by its culture of excellence and its ability to grow long term relationship with clients. I wish to be mentored by exceptional individuals like Nomura analysts and associates I have met, and research perfectionism with them. I understand that Nomura is seeking driven, resourceful people with an entrepreneurial mindset, e!ective analytical and international outlook, capable of working and communicating e"ciently across all levels of the business. As an intern in two young companies in Shanghai and as a co-funder of a start-up, I have grown an entrepreneurial spirit. I had the chance to work closely with the firm’s managers and clients, who broadened my way of thinking and allowed me to understand that ambition, dedication to your work and perseverance are key factors to run a successful business and build long-term relationship with clients. My professional experiences allowed me to develop analytical skills as well as my ability to build and maintain client relationship and communicate e!ectively. My choice of pursuing a degree in Management and a major in corporate finance demonstrates that I wish to change my career direction and move into finance. Furthermore, my previous studies and experience in Engineering can be a grand asset to this choice in career change. I perform best when challenged, surrounded by brilliant people and exchanging with them. I want to be part of a team of passionate and dedicated people who can help me to gain experience and learn. What I have read about Nomura encourages me to believe that being an investment banker fits to my interests and motivation and and that Nomura is the place for me to collaborate, be challenged and develop. I would be delighted to explore this further with you at interview. Please feel free to contact me. Yours faithfully,

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