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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Novartis


Doctoral candidate

Dear Sirs

My name is ____, I´m a M.Sc. in Bioengineering currently at the final stages of my doctoral studies in the doctoral clinical research programme from -----------. The opportunity to be part of an internship program at Novartis is a tremendous opportunity to learn from the best.

Below are examples of my background experience as a graduate and postgradute student:

As an Bioengineer during my studies I´ve significantly dealt with several data collection and analysis e.g. Bioreaction engineering processes, biomechanical data and others (all heavily based in data collection and analysis). I´m familiar with program language MATLAB and visual software program LABVIEW.

As a doctoral student studying the innate immune mechanisms during Osteoarthritis I´ve used data collection and analysis in several different ways:

-patient data collections samples and epidemiological data

-functional data from functional studies which required significant data collection and calculation: gene expression analysis (only in Excel, I´ve never used the available commercial software), immunoassays, Statistical analysis etc.

-Proteomic analysis (high throughput data from mass spectrometry analysis) which required extensive data mining in order to decipher newly identified proteins, while at the same time to identify relevant biological pathways by cross referencing with the huge data-bases available to the scientific community.

From the list of examples which I´ve worked with, you can clearly see I do have considerable experience dealing with scientific research in a very translational way. I therefore feel I could have the necessary scientific skills and knowledge to bring valuable input into Regulatory affairs of drug development.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon

Thank you very much for your attention

Best regards

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