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Sample cover letter for Internship position at OPower


Software Engineering Intern

I am a student at _____ majoring in Computer Science and I am extremely interested in exploring a career at Opower by applying for the Engineering Intern position. In my conversations with ______ alum and Opower Engineer _______, I've been consistently amazed by the unique opportunity it affords its employees to combine innovative engineering with a societal mission. I am convinced that these two qualities make Opower the ideal fit for me in both work environment and the work itself, and believe that a summer spent in Opower Engineering would allow me to apply my personal values and programming knowledge to projects that matter.

My coursework here in _____ rigorous academic program and beyond has offered me extensive preparation in various concepts and principles used by software engineers, such as experience with Agile development and hardware-responsible programming projects. Moreover, _____, heavy emphasis on a solid fundamental understanding of computing concepts has given me the analytical skills to quickly synthesize new languages and frameworks while producing original code. This flexibility was evidenced by my recent internship at ______, where I managed to implement a basic gamification system with no previous experience in PHP or WordPress. Though I believe I possess many of the relevant qualifications to immediately contribute at Opower, I am also able to quickly learn new tools when necessary.

At _____, I have balanced work and academic life with a strong commitment to student organizations such as _______, where I have developed the initiative and communication abilities to be an effective communicator and leader. I also enjoy taking on challenging projects in my spare time. As a member of a four-person team, I am currently building a _____, the organized business plan competition on campus. Having never worked with Android before, I spent many hours perusing through documentation gaining familiarity with the SDK and collaborating with team members through Asana, strengthening my ability to quickly assimilate new information while working with a team.

Alex Laskey's TEDTalk on the impact of leveraging social pressure to create energy-conscious communities left a lasting impression on me and my desire to engineer software as a platform for social change resonates strongly with Opower's mission. A summer at Opower will be incredibly beneficial for both my personal and professional development, and I am eager to bring my energy and abilities to the Engineering team. Please contact me if you require any further knowledge of my credentials. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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