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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Oc&c


Associate Consultant

I am writing to express my interest in the Associate Consultant position at bain, starting January 2017. 

I am excited to begin a career in strategy consulting for a number of reasons. Primarily I look forward to gaining business experience in a range of different fields and using skills developed through my engineering studies in a different manner. Although I have undertaken placements at two major engineering firms and received offers for employment from both, I believe I am much more suited to a career in strategy consulting. Both careers provide ample opportunities for creative problem solving and lateral thinking but consulting provides a much greater opportunity to work on large scale, high impact problems. In addition to this the range of industries and topics that consultants are exposed to appeals to me greatly.

There are three main reasons why I would fit into the bain team and add value to the organisation. Firstly, I have strong analytical skills and experience of solve complex problems creatively. These experiences were accrued through a range of projects, on a variety of different topics including the development of novel additive manufacturing technologies and the analyses of a departmental research strategy. Secondly Throughout my education I have formally worked in teams with a large range of people from senior engineers to sales representatives and workshop staff. This has taught me the importance of being able to communicate with people from disparate backgrounds be it geographical or educational and given me the skills to tailor how I present my thoughts depending on my audience. Finally I have determination and drive to be successful in my pursuits. I always aim to be ambitious in both my professional and extra circular goals. This has led me to develop a new society tasked with improving students’ technical awareness and giving them the opportunity to develop practical sills; an area, which is under-developed at University. This initiative was supported by the department and gave me the opportunity to select and lead a team of my peers in the societies initiation and management. Together we created one of Bristol University’s fastest growing new societies and organised a range of projects and activities.

With this in mind, I would be thrilled to undertake a career at bain.

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