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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Odebrecht



I am interested in interviewing for Odebrecht’s Young Partner Program internship position.It would be a privilege to be able to take part in the daily lives of an engineer and understand the many challenges they face each day.In my belief, Odebrecht contains the working environment a young engineering pursuing student, like myself, would enjoy being surrounded in and absorb the knowledge from your finest engineers.I have attached my résumé to provide a quick overlook of my skills and qualifications that will meet the credentials you are seeking for this internship position.

My résumé indicates that I was involved in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, SHPE, where I worked with a group of diverse engineering disciplines to create a Corporate Database. Working with different engineers has given me experience in communicating within a team and presenting ideas to the table for improving a project.

Furthermore, with Odebrecht being an international company varying in locations around the world, I have to offer my communications skills in both English and Spanish.I am capable of writing and verbally communicating in both languages with other people.Formally, I am currently enrolled in a Professional Communication for Engineers class that will benefit me to write formal memos, letters, proposals, etc., for communicating to Odebrecht companies in different locations of the world.

As quarterback of the four-on-four intramural league at my university, I have learned to acquire a leadership role for my team.I have scheduled practice dates, team meetings, and days for lifting weights all for the sake of seeing my team make it to the championship game.

I am confident that my academics, school involvement, skills, and leadership role has proven to you that I am worthy of this internship position.If you are satisfied with the background I have offered please contact me through my cell phone or email me through the information provided above.

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