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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Oliver Wayman



Dear recruitment manager,

My name is …....... and I am a second-year Mechanical Engineer at Queen Mary University. I am writing this letter to inform you of my application to intern as a consultant at Oliver Wayman. I would appreciate the opportunity to show I am the candidate you seek for this role.

I first heard of Oliver Wayman at a Bright Network event where I spoke to an enthusiastic employee who told me about his experience working at Oliver Wayman. After this, I was eager to know more. What struck me most was Oliver Wayman's focus on entrepreneurial spirit while working with clients to produce the best results possible. With the ever changing world around us, I strongly believe that the ability to be proactive and initiate something or solve problems on your own accord is vital.

This strong belief led me to join a society at my university called Enactus. At Enactus, the focus is to empower those in need through entrepreneurial action. I have always been someone who is eager to learn and challenge himself, so I looked upon this as a chance to further deepen my experience and knowledge in business matters. Within Enactus, I am head of human resources. However, I also work on projects. During the summer vacation, we worked on a small project alongside a company called Unlimited with the goal of encouraging young people within Tower Hamlets to become entrepreneurs through a £500 award given by Unlimited. In addition to this, we initiated 2 new projects this year. One of them was Delta Dance, a project where people passionate about dance deliver dance and fitness sessions to vulnerable adults. The other project was called Futureneers, the focus of this project is deliver sessions to students that them more about STEM subjects and give them employability skills, all the sessions will be delivered within local schools. We are also in the process of starting more projects, including an international project that provides a platform for Kenyan entrepreneurs to sell cheap shoes to locals in need.

There have been many trials and tribulations during my time at Enactus, however, this has only caused me to develop on a personal and professional level. Working on these projects involves a great deal of communication with our business advisors and the organisations we work with. This has improved my communication and interpersonal skills with working professionals greatly. Being involved in such things during university has not been easy. Hence, I have had to learn to manage my team and energy effectively. The most lessons I have learnt through Enactus have been about leadership. Being in a leadership position has taught me about how to best overcome issues within a project and within the members of our team.

My experiences thus far have given me a great deal of business exposure; I now feel that consulting is the next step for me is consulting and I strongly believe that Oliver Wayman is the firm for me.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Yours Faithfully,

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