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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Olvier Wyman


Strategic Consulting

Oliver Wyman

55 Baker Steet

London W1U 8EW

United Kingdom

London, ON, 23 September 2015

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to express my interest in the Core Consultancy Group Intern position at your London office. I am particularly interested in joining Oliver Wyman because of its strong presence in the financial services industry, which is of great interest to me because of its complex and dynamic nature. Furthermore, I am a person who seeks efficiency in everything I do, which I also believe to be one of the greatest defining characteristics of Oliver Wyman’s high-performance culture.

My passion for strategic management consulting is based on my passion to constantly learn, work in teams and employ existing knowledge in a result-oriented way. Striving to gain first-hand insights in consultancy, I also co-founded the Ljubljana Consulting Club, consisting of Slovenians studying at various top universities across Europe. Since I always aim to go beyond the status quo and raise the bar for myself I am confident that Oliver Wyman’s strong international and multi-industrial presence together with its customer oriented culture will provide me with a steep, but rewarding learning curve that will keep me driven throughout my career.

My unique combination of study and work experiences led me to develop solid analytical and inter-personal skills. Having studied in four different countries helped me learn to adapt to culturally diverse environments, and is a major driver for my success. Furthermore, my professional experience at EY and Airbus Defence and Space pushed me to constantly expand my knowledge and step out of my comfort zone. Particularly the project at Airbus Defence and Space challenged my creative and problem solving skills, as I was given nearly complete freedom in the way I approached the challenge. I learned to mitigate ambiguity by segmenting the problem and applying a structured approach to solve it. As an outcome, I was able to deliver the project manager a measurable result which was reinforced by both internal and external research. The company decided to use my research in further product development stages. This sense of responsibility and ownership is something that greatly motivates me and I am certain it will also be present at Oliver Wyman.

I am certain that my ability to adapt to new environments together with my penchant for solving complex problems using a structured approach fuelled by my passion for the consulting industry and specifically Oliver Wyman will allow me to make a valuable contribution to your company's success.

I look forward to hear from you and should you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Peter Zajc Žerjav 

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