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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Oxford University



Department of Engineering Science,

University of Oxford,
Parks Road,
OX1 3PJ15/08/2016

I wish to apply for the Research Studentship in Experimentation and Modelling of Wear, which I saw advertised on website. I graduate from the Technological Educational Institute of Crete the Department of Civil Engineering. I believe that my experience, my unconditional Love and commitment in the field of research will make me a valuable link in the chain of your evolutionary research.

From a very young age my curiosity about the world and the universe around me led me to find out quickly what I love. Always I was wondering how the world works. All of my answers they came to me observing the nature and following the nature laws. Like Sir Isaac Newton with gravity. This curiosity as a child led me to leave all of my brother toy cars only with wheels. Have developed this strong passion towards engineer thanks to my father who is an engineer and my role model. Furthermore as I had an interest and talent for research and engineering, my father guided me by giving me “food” for my curiosity and motivation to keep looking.

During my university studies I was working voluntarily as an assistant in the university Lab Strength of Material. I was part of an admirful team, leading by a great professor which she was able to take out the best from each one and use it for the progress of the Lab and the university. My role was to simplify experimental procedures, analyzing-comparing data and creating experimental models. The issues that our team had to face push me to think outside of the box. Looking backwards and taking the advantage of the existence knowledge by combining the Special Theory of Relativity (macroscale) and the Quantum Theory (microscale) through the philosophical point of view of Plato. Was that time that I put the milestone in the Theory of Scale. The application of this theory, with the valuable contribution of my tutor, in to our thesis gave us the opportunity to publish our work and change the way that our lectures take place. The positive results in the academic society from this theory gave me the confidence to apply for this research studentship that your admirful university offers.

I believe that a combination, in the early steps, of the Wear Law and the Theory of Scale will be the key to predict the development of damage, will develop science in different levels, will give a different perspective on the way we analyze data, a different idea about how the world works and on this way we will unlock the universe and expand the technological boundaries in order to make peoples every day life better.

As my great ancestors Pythagoras and Plato believed on their theory, Ideas exist in the Ideal World and born, in our world. On my turn I believe that Oxford is the place that Ideal ideas are born, Oxford is the place that encourages curiosity and new innovations are coming in the light of Science. It will be a great honour to be a member of your team, offer and share my knowledge and contribute with my heart and my mind in the creation of a universal Wear Law.

I have enclosed my resume to display my past achievements, as well as to demonstrate how I can be a valuable part of the research.

I would be grateful if my application is considered for my placement in your honourable university. Thank you in anticipation and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Eirini Marinaki

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