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Sample cover letter for Internship position at PA Consulting Group


Software developer

I am a second year computing BSc student from Coventry University who has achieved a 2:1 during the first year of study and aiming for first class honour. I am writing to apply to PA Consulting Group’s software developer placement role during the sandwich year of my course. I am available starting from June 2016. I chose this role because the fast-paced nature of the role and the soft and technical skills required for this role are most suitable with my skills and personality.

Innovation, ambitious challenges and expertise in the field is what excites me the most about PA Consulting Group. I am very impressed with the work that was done for John Lewis’s Black Friday 2014 online sales. By implementing effective load balancing and request handling along with many other improvements in IT systems PA helped John Lewis’s online store break weekly sales records. In fact by developing a social media website for a motorcycle club I was faced with load balancing problems as well. The solution I produced was by implementing a node.js module called cluster which allowed me to create multiple connected instances of processes improving scalability as the user base grew. As I have a creative approach to problem solving I tend to challenge convention to produce and analyse solutions from different perspectives. That is why I think I would be a great asset for the company.

By the time I had finished my first year of study I had developed two android games and two websites as side projects from university, showing motivation and initiative. One of the projects was a social media movie sharing website with which I together with a friend participated in an exhibition organised by Coventry University called “New Wizards”. Throughout the project I gained experience in a broad set of technical skills - version control, database and programming languages as well as computer architecture and networking skills. Because I had university projects and assignments while developing this project I demonstrated good time management skills, enthusiasm and energy. I also developed confident communication skills as I collaborated with my teammate and had to present and explain my project to representatives of companies who came to the exhibition. You can see my projects on my web portfolio site - www.ralfslagzda.com

Throughout the projects that I have developed both in university and independently I have come across and solved many interesting challenges, gained valuable experience and knowledge and gotten to work with creative people. I would be thrilled to further discuss the opportunity to do the same at PA Consulting Group.

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