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Sample cover letter for Internship position at PWC


Economic Consultancy

PwC represents the ideal of company I want to belong to. This is mainly because of two reasons which are interrelated with each other: the opportunity to be global and the opportunity to grow.

Last year at university I attended an event regarding the involvement of PwC in Emerging Markets. In that occasion I realized for the first time the real size of this company. Thanks to the presentation of Mr. P. Harrold, I understood how much working for PwC would involve moving throughout the globe and dealing each time with radically different situations. Being fascinated by the concept of cultural diversity and considering myself as a citizen of the world, I always take the opportunity to set myself into different – sometimes uncomfortable - environments; for this reason in the past years I have been volunteering in places as diverse as Tanzania. A career within PwC would give me the possibility not only to go with the grain of my inclination, but also to make the most of it.

I consider myself as an extremely ambitious person, but I am aware that pursuing my goals requires hard work and perseverance. In order to be successful in a given sector it is important to accept each opportunity to learn something new about it, both through life experiences and formal trainings. With its learning programmes and specialized courses, PwC is well known for its coaching culture and its care for the skills' development of its employees. A potential placement within PwC would therefore satisfy my desire for personal and professional growth: necessary condition for a promising beginning of career.

There is no recipe to be successful, but there may be some helpful tips. In particular, I believe that it is important to be courageous enough to engage in new experiences and to use them as a tool to learn and grow. A person must look for situations out of his/her comfort zone, in order to trigger his/her innate instinct for problem solving and adaptation. PwC, with its variety of sectors and its global scale, would always provide me with different issues to deal with and new things to learn. By quenching my thirstiness for new challenges, it would be a vehicle for the achievement of my goals. 

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