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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Parthanon



The Recruiting Manager 

Parthenon EY, India

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, XYZ, am a final year student of civil engineering at ABC. I write this letter to express my interest in working as an associate with Parthenon.

A career in consulting promises immediate responsibility and tremendous potential for growing professionally as an individual, and at the same time, an opportunity to make a difference in the corporate world. The diversity consulting offers in problem solving across the entire spectrum of business sectors, industries and geography is unmatched by any other profession. The high impact decision making involved, a chance to work in multi-cultural teams and an exposure to creative problem solving, is certainly an attraction to me over the monotony of other routine jobs. I did not know what real consulting problems would be like until I worked on a live case for a recruitment consultancy firm as part of a project. Observing my recommendations being put to practice fuelled my interests towards consulting and reaffirmed my belief in consulting as the right career choice.

Until the beginning of pre-placement talks, all that mattered to me was to join a reputed consultancy as I did not have a substantive premise to pick and choose from the best. But after attending a flurry of pre-placement talks and having several informal interactions with people from different companies, Parthenon stood out as an ideal place for beginning a career in consulting. I was particularly impressed by your drive towards executing projects with a lot of analytical rigour and having a resounding impact on client performance every single time. I liked the culture of handling two cases simultaneously and feel that I would be well adept at multitasking between them, as I have successfully done this with my projects, extracurricular activities and student body responsibilities. Combining EY’s and Parthenon’s strengths is a great match on many levels that vastly increases the level of growth and I want to be a part of this to learn and grow with the organization and contribute to its success story.

I possess the drive to be a good consultant and that my accumulated skills and experiences would aid me in the same. I like taking initiatives and have an intense motivation to excel and deliver results for my team and organization in everything I do. My association with ABC helped me enhance my analytical and project management skills. During my internships, I significantly reduced the computational time of multiple projects. My research work on the economic analysis of Indian aviation industry has been published in a reputed international journal. Apart from academics, I have been active in extracurricular activities as well. Having bagged podiums for IIT Delhi at numerous national-level weightlifting and dramatics competitions has helped me garner team management and interpersonal skills. I have a strong leadership experience and have held many positions of high repute and responsibilities, ranging from Sportech Coordinator to House Secretary of Jwalamukhi Hostel. I have learnt how to grow and deliver results with my team by working comfortably at all rungs, from being a learner to mentor, and leading the team to win Dance & Dramatics and Sports General Championship Runner-up trophy for hostel.

I strongly feel that with the confidence developed through years of rigorous training at a premier institute, and diverse exposure through various channels, I shall meet the high standards of becoming the top one-tenth of one percent of business minds in the country at Parthenon. I appreciate your time and consideration, and hope to hear from your team in the near future.



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