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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Parthenon


Business Analyst

To The Parthenon Group

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m a final year undergraduate student at IIT Delhi. I write this letter to express my interest in working as an associate with Parthenon.

As I begin my career, the field of strategy consulting is undoubtedly the best option for me for three reasons. Firstly, it gives an opportunity to explore a wide variety of industries and cases while simultaneously honing my skills and expanding my knowledge base. Secondly problem solving, working with a diverse set of people and getting exposed to different ideas is something that immensely interests me. In the past few years, I have sought to constantly challenge myself and deliver solutions in my work with different communities throughout India. In one such endeavour, dealing with the complexities of a refugee community in Delhi, I led a team to build a micro-enterprise for the population and have initiated a placement cell to increase the employment within the community. This was in my understanding akin to a consulting project as it involved intensive analysis of the ground level situation, planning and strategizing based on leveraging the community skills and most importantly executing the plan and delivering results that significantly improved their standards of living. Lastly, consulting ties to my long term and short term career plans and is most suitable for me based on my skill sets. In the long run, I see myself working at the interface of policy and management with multilateral agencies. In the short run, I seek to learn through gaining maximum exposure to the real world and working in an intellectually stimulating corporate environment.

Parthenon appealed to me right from the pre-placement talk for several reasons. The fact that it combines the benefits of a top notch consulting firm with the passion of an entrepreneurial environment seemed most lucrative. Personally, I also found the 2 case model and the emphasis on thought leadership to be quite interesting. I, as a person like taking initiative and responsibility which Parthenon’s approach would encourage. As an example, I’ve developed numerous environmental initiatives at IITD from scratch be it energy savings or a rain water harvesting plan to save 20 million litres which was acknowledged when I lead IIT Delhi to the first position amongst 1019 universities. Hence, Parthenon provides unparalleled opportunities for personal development and enhanced learning. Further, having worked with and led several social initiatives, the sectors of education and healthcare at the public-private interface are of particular interest to me. Education in my opinion is a big and upcoming field particularly in the developing countries and the opportunity to work with the industry leader is pretty exciting. Additionally, the fact that Parthenon gives back to the society through pro-bono consulting and direct volunteering opportunities aligns with my personal goals. Finally, the emphasis Parthenon lies on its people seemed quite unique. The focus on diversity, personalized relations and the equality of opportunity offer great avenues for learning and add to Parthenon’s appeal.

I feel I possess the drive to be a good consultant and that my accumulated skills and experiences would aid me in the same. I like taking initiative and I take pride in excelling at what I do. Being interested in the social and environmental sectors, I’ve worked extensively in these fields with utmost sincerity and have been honoured with several awards in this sphere. I’ve a strong leadership experience having worked in and led numerous teams. This coupled with my inter-personal skills which have been developed as a result of my professional experience in the domain of facilitation where I’ve designed and conducted 27 sessions for over 800 people make me an ideal candidate. Being a feature journalist, with an international publication, I also possess analytical and investigative skills which I feel are essential for a consultant. Lastly, I feel there is synergy between Parthenon’s approach and mine particularly in terms of the sectors that it works on and the emphasis it lays on commitment, performance and taking ownership. I would end by pointing out that working at Parthenon excites me because of what it will teach me and what it means for my future.



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