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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Phnx Institute


Summer Plan


Before I start talking about my future plans in education and employment, I would like to point some things that have had help to build the way of thinking that rules me today.

I am very fortunate about growing in a family where I’d never lacked anything, I was taught that if you work hard you can get to have a good economic retribution, providing a good quality life for you and your family.

Unfortunately I did not have the luck of growing up in an environment where I could be able to learn about the spiritual perspective and the sense of transcendence and all that entails. 
Today, thank God I’m having the opportunity for opening up to the process of human development. I grew up in a room full of ego where I was thought that the most important thing was having and not being. And as I, I know there is a lot of people who thinks this way, that’s why I am felling the big responsibility about trying to expand myself in the human area which until now it was not within my reach.
Right now I’m working and studying and I’m trying to guide myself by the most human way I can, always trying to give back to society what it has given me. But I also think that for aspiring to what I want to be in the future (a true leader of social change) I need to have a solid foundation to help me get a better understanding of the human development.
I am currently about to finish my degree in psychology with a specialization in organizational psychology, this is what has helped me to develop a great passion for other human beings, to see them grow and explote their full potential.
 Throughout these years I’ve had realized the great satisfaction that comes by being the influencer of someone else’s success. That's why I decided to work in human resources, because I truly believe that it`s a tool that organizations have for embracing peoples potential and this area also showed me a practical way where I am able to work on developing my passion.
Today, working in an organization where I am expected to give results I’m pressing myself to get out of my comfort zone, confront and start challenging the staff to get as high as they could ever imagine and it is because it gives me a great satisfaction to see others grow and is currently trying to impulse them to their full potential. And it won’t have sense not to look for something like that in myself.
I feel very lucky so far I managed to find my purpose in life and I also believe that doing nothing about it brings me to dissatisfaction, sadness and pain. And I try walking every day in the progressive realization of this and for me it is the definition of what I call success, carrying out your passion and extend it to the greatest possible levels. Although the world sells us success as something individual and material, I believe that success must have a deep connection that bring humanity into a better place. That's why I use my time, money, talents, the big or small influence cause I know that somehow it will end up helping others. I am really happy now that I could start to dream about my future in real life and not a daydream anymore.

My wish for the future is being able to undertake entrepreneurs, to be a great life coach, to be that light to other people in business and personal development, always accompanied with a human spirit. That is why I am now looking for the right options where I can expand my knowledge levels, where I can find answers to my questions, where everyday I can learn a little bit more and serve as a mirror which transmit this knowledge in my actual society.

I am aware that this is a long process and it can get frustrating, but I also think it is not impossible. So basically my short, medium and long term dream would be the same: to inspire with my actions to excite with my projects, to wake up the interest with my point of view, to influence with my convictions, to captivate with my ideals and to ignite a flame of a legacy that goes beyond my own existence.

Working, going to school and doing social service at the same time might sound a little bit thought, but I’m not giving up on my dream. I motivate myself everyday to have enough energy to have an impact on people. Undeniably I feel that accomplishing this dream will have made my journey completely worth in the end.

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