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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Pinterest


Community Pinner Operations (New Grad)

Dear Pinterest Community Team,

The reason I find myself going back to Pinterest is because it reminds me to never be less than my dreams. Over the past year, I have been visiting Pinterest to be motivated to continue my personal projects, to explore an unfamiliar part of the world and to share my dreams with others in hopes of achieving them to the best of my abilities.

This is what Pinterest has done for me, and now I am ready to give back.

For me, what separates Pinterest from numerous other startup companies in the Bay is its sense of community. When looking up “What is it like to work at Pinterest?” there aren’t hard statistics or boring facts but rather inside jokes between Pinployees and true emotions exchanged with words of encouragement (source: Quora).

As this job entails a very important role of understanding the Pinners, I hope to understand the Pinners as much as I tried to virtually befriend (although often one-sided) the Pinployees on the awesome creative, engineering and community teams. My study abroad travel experiences have definitely helped me get a broader understanding of the world and the people that make up this lovely world. And working as a market researcher and marketing ambassador in my previous roles has solidified my belief that before any product comes love for people.

This role came at a time when I was contemplating what I could do best for Pinterest. And with the (New Grad) behind the name, I am more confident that I am more than ready to take on this Pinner Operations role at Pinterest!

Warm Regards,

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