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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Politecnico di Torino


Master of science


To whom it may concern,

November, 2012

As a very important step in my journey of shaping a full and successful life, I wish to express my intention to apply to the Masters of Science in “Engineering and Management”, starting in September of 2013 as I will be finishing my fourth year of the Management Engineering program at Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia (“EIA”). I am a passionate student with a 4.41/5 GPA and I have received honors every semester.

After graduation, I aspire to work for a company in the area of finances. I am indeed interested in contributing to financial decisions in a multinational company and analyzing how these impact the strategic goals of growth and continuance in the long term. I believe this kind of company would give me a unique opportunity to cooperate with people who have different managerial and operational styles. But more importantly, I want to take advantage of this working experience and every other opportunity I have to become a better professional, so that in the future I can start my own financial business, and contribute to my country by creating jobs, offering new products and services; and bringing innovation.

In addition to my passion for management engineering, I also like to volunteer in different organizations; some of my activities involve visiting the elderly and teaching Spanish grammar and mathematics to lower class children. Since I started volunteering, I found great joy in assisting others and mainly in teaching them. Teaching has always been my favorite activity: aside from sharing my knowledge I get to instill values and be a positive role model. I thus, wish to remain an active member of my community in the future and start a non-profit organization, based on the profits generated by my company, to provide education to adolescents from poor neighborhoods.

I have always dreamed of going abroad, meeting other cultures and developing a professional background enriched by a world-wide vision. In this regard, Italy stands out as a truly appealing country not just due to its cultural contribution to history and art, but for being one of the most industrialized and innovative countries in the world. Italy is a country where I can gain valuable guidance from the people, the creativity that surrounds them and their ways of living and working. Particularly, the master program of Engineering and Management that Politecnico di Torino offers has a thoroughly interesting curriculum in finance and economics and provides students with the opportunity to choose the field that fits their interests. I believe that this program, which not only relies on lectures, but also on discussions of case studies, company visits and an internship, will help me become a well-rounded professional, capable of taking part in the strategic decisions and competitiveness of a company. Speaking with students that are currently in the program has made me feel confident about my decision.

I am a very responsible and joyful person who is committed to excellence and wants to spend those two years at Politecnico di Torino learning from professors and other students. I plan to bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to your program, work hard to be an outstanding student and constantly encourage my classmates to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, I consider myself a curious individual and have always believed it to be of most importance to enrich my academic performance by taking part in extracurricular activities such as culture and sports. Italy feels like the perfect scenario to strengthen these interests of mine. In this regard, I currently study languages such as Italian, English and French and practice tennis. I believe these experiences have helped me grow as an integral human being. Combined with my background, this will increase my contribution to the program, not only providing new ideas but giving it more diversity.

I thank you for considering my application and look forward for my acceptance.


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