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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at PricewaterhouseCoopers


Entry Level position in Deals



To whom it may concern

I am Name, currently a senior majoring in Economics at University. I am confident that my professional experiences, skills and academic background are complimentary to the entry level position in deals at PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

I have always been intrigued by processes that are involved in the workings of the global capital markets and working at PWC would prove to be a great opportunity to delve further in to that interest and see how companies make decisions regarding investments and potential risks.

I am a goal oriented and highly self-motivated individual striving to mark my name in the world of finance. As an enthusiastic and fast paced learner with a proven ability to find alternative solutions and meet deadlines, I welcome challenges and tackle them with austerity and firmness and strive till I find solutions to the tasks I had set foot to.

PWC great places emphasis on diversity to meet objectives and works with a truly global team consisting of individuals from a wide array of backgrounds and cultures. I believe that having been a member of AISEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences), I have been able to develop strong networking skills which have enabled me to build and sustain pleasant relationships with friends and teachers alike all across the globe. Moreover, X-culture project for the course International Business, has given me the practical experience of working in a global virtual team with members residing in countries ranging from USA to Russia to Germany and a better understanding of the challenges and issues faced by international and multinational companies working in different time zones. Given my networking abilities, effective communication skills, interactive personality and well rounded experience of working within a team setting I believe I would be a good fit for PWC.

Having studied courses such as Economics of Investment and Finance, Econometrics and Advanced Corporate Finance I have developed a strong grounding in the discipline of Finance and Mathematics and the use of Microsoft Excel and Stata have further brushed up analytical and quantitative skills. I have extensive background in conducting research and fieldwork and I possess exceptional presentation skills.

Working as an intern at Bank X in the investment banking department, I gained an in depth knowledge of financial modeling and became proficient in the use of Microsoft excel for formally presenting the financial models. I was able to put these newly acquired skills to practical use while working as the financial analyst for the Start up Y where I was required to build a three year financial model for the company. I believe that given my academic background and professional experience I would make a strong candidate for this job.

An opportunity to work for PWC will enable me to enhance my skill set and broaden my horizons and will not only provide for me an all rounded work experience but also open up for me a plethora of opportunities in all walks of life.

Given my amiable nature, confident personality and remarkable personal and strategic skills, I believe I can be an asset to the firm and can serve as an excellent agent to the prospective clients.

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