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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Protiviti


Business Process

My name is X and I am currently a junior majoring in Finance at the University of X. I had the pleasure of attending the Protiviti information session at X Tuesday, September 15th where I learned more about your company from experienced senior consultant, Will Shuman, and consultant, Michael Anton. The compelling description of Protiviti coupled with my desire to work in such a dynamic environment convinced me to apply for the Protiviti, Inc. Internship position for the summer of 2016. Prior to my personal research and attendance at the information session, I didn’t know anything about Protiviti. After attending the information session, I got the feeling that Protiviti is run like a meritocracy, in which the employees with strong abilities, motivation, and strong leadership skills have opportunities to move up the ladder quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea that interns get the opportunity to be with real clients and create real value with their knowledge and hard work. With my background in family businesses, along with my Division I baseball experience, I possess qualities that can directly relate to consulting. I grew up with parents that both owned their own businesses, and I understand that to be successful, you have to look into businesses to find ways to save money and be more efficient. Along with being around businesses everyday and watching them succeed through money saving techniques, the skills I acquired from being a Division I collegiate baseball player transfer directly to consulting. During my tenure as a student athlete I gained responsibility and time management, led teambuilding activities that effectively encouraged teamwork and goal setting, and encouraged competitiveness, and the drive to work hard and win at all costs. With the experience of waking up everyday with the intention of getting better and pushing a team towards a goal, I have the skill set that can help drive a consulting firm. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you in person and learn more about Protiviti, Inc. Please consider me for your Summer 2016 Internship interviews. Thank you very much for your time and consideration

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