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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Pulte Homes


New Home Sales Counselor


Dear (Hiring Manager’s Name),

Please accept and review the attached resume for the New Home Sales Counselor position in Southeast Michigan. I’m searching for an extremely challenging career where I can both broaden my knowledge base and test my sales aptitude with the very best that MHB has to offer. The opportunity is extremely alluring and I am confident that my attributes coupled with my related experiences make me a viable candidate for the position. The supporting information below details why, in making the decision for a future employee, you consider me as the ideal choice among those that apply.

In combining my education in finance, diligence, and sales-related work-history I’ve developed into a well-rounded individual with certainty for a promising future. By receiving my BA in Finance from State University I demonstrated a commitment to accomplish a long-awaited goal as well as the intellect to comprehend and apply difficult financial information. In addition, throughout my tenure I managed a successful wireless communication store on central campus. The responsibilities included inventory management, delegation of tasks, and sustaining of sales performance. With the help of my team, the campus store rose from a newly established franchise to a profitable business, exceeded sales goals by 110%.

Upon graduation, I was fortunate to obtain a job which utilized both my financial education as well as my sales acumen. At Bank Finance Co., I worked as a liaison between the mortgage brokerage and prospective homeowners. To have success it was necessary for me to build and maintain positive relationships with both current and future clientele. With diligence, enthusiasm, and a tenacious commitment to follow-up I rose from an inexperienced trainee to a top-performer, attaining a closed loan dollar amount of nearly double that of the national average for Loan Specialists. By taking a personal responsibility for the success of my business I overcame countless obstacles that normally discourage others.

As a sales counselor for National Home Builder, I learned the value of teamwork as well as the importance of a strong selling presentation. By ignoring the adverse market conditions I consistently exceeded sales goals set-forth by upper level management. Knowing that potential purchasers view me as a representation of NHB, I made certain that I was perceived as knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring in order to separate myself from the competition. In doing so, I maintained a perfect 10 YTD score on all post-closing JD Power customer service surveys. With each day that passed I committed to learn one additional piece of information that would aid in closing a future sale. As demonstrated by the numbers, I have confidence in my sales presentation, seeing each individual that walks in the sales center as a future homeowner

My passion is sales and I’ve surpassed many professional milestones by adopting a “hunter” mentality in searching for prospective clients. Success in sales is much like success in athletics – only those that are willing to put forth the dedication will be rewarded with accolades on game day. Therefore, in knowing that professional milestones are only attained with hard work and determination my focus is to not only meet goals set-forth by my future employer but to greatly exceed them. As with anything I’ve done I will approach this position as if I have no choice but to become the top producer.

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