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Sample cover letter for Internship position at PwC



I am a current international senior double majoring in Mathematics and Economics at Lafayette College. I am writing to express my sincere interest in joining the Analyst Programme for Alternative Fund Business Administration at BlackRock, since I believe that I have the background, academic knowledge, confidence and passion to be a valuable addition to the team and the organization.

Having lived in the U.S and Vietnam, spending six years of academic and cultural experience in two radical different environments, I regard my strong international background as my greatest asset. It is natural for me to adapt fast, to accept and be inspired by different people, perspectives and likewise for me to use my knowledge and work ethics to contribute different, innovative ideas. I believe that this skill set of effective communication and cultural understanding will become relevant working with more than 130 investment teams to serve the client base of more than 100 countries that BlackRock is running.

During my graduate studies at Lafayette College, I had actively taken steps to learn about business and finance by undertaking a variety of courses on both Financial Mathematics and Economics. Started out as a Chemical Engineer Major, I embraced the quantitative, analytic mindset as well as pattern recognizing skills from the Science classes that I acquired. I pushed myself by taking highly technical and applicable classes in order to gain the experience that I was lacking coming from an education heavily focused on theoretical reasoning in Vietnam. As a constant learner both inside and outside of the classroom, I believe in the importance of applying learned theories and skills through participation of extra-curricular activities; namely FED Challenge in my sophomore year, and Lafayette Mathematic BARGE Challenge where my team won 1stand 2nd place in two consecutive years. My belief in practicality had also led me to experience a 10-week, intensive training internship at Australian-New Zealand Bank in Mortgage Department in 2015. During my internship, I was able to experience the various nuances of client-facing roles first-hand, as well as learning from different senior employees. Using my knowledge gathered by listening to clients’ needs, as well as noticing the lag in communication between departments of the bank, I suggested a platform on Internet Banking that would not only make the interface more user-friendly, but also helps channeling customers to the right department more efficiently. The platform was commended by my supervisor, the Regional Mortgage Manager and will be implemented as soon as the funding comes in. My engineering background and studies in Investments, Corporate Finance and Options and Futures allow me to analyze the Financial Services market through an interdisciplinary approach, which helps me to hone my critical and analytical skills, as well as widening my perspectives and knowledge beyond my background in Finance.

As such, I believe that I have a balance between practical experiences and theoretical knowledge-two very important qualities to possess in consulting career. In addition, discussing this opportunity with Mr. A was really enlightening and further fueled my passion in this area. In this regard, I very much look forward to the training and exposure that BlackRock provides, which I believe will accelerate my career and greatly deepen my understanding in Investment Management industry. I hope that you will find me qualified for the role, and I would like to reiterate my strong interest to discuss this opportunity and my qualifications with you further.

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