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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Pwc


business analyst

That was one of my main reasons for studying engineering, before learning about consulting from a friend. To get a better understanding of the consulting industry, I cold-emailed and cold-called many consultants to arrange informational interviews with them and pick their brains. The similarities among them were uncannily striking – each was bright, sharp and passionate. They shared their stories with me, and I realized 3 main things stood out – the prevalent problem-solving aspect across many industries, the steep learning curve, and the types of people you get to meet. Nothing beats experiential learning. Upon graduation, I declined a job that paid 3 times more to take up an internship with a consulting firm. Through the 5-month period, I was able to see firsthand how the entire consulting process worked, from problem identification to approach formulation to solution communication. Each step was meticulously structured, collaboratively executed and involved many problem solving scenarios. I believe this entire package, from my inherent interest in problem solving, to the later self-taken initiative in contacting people and taking on an internship, has shaped a solid view and understanding of consulting.

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