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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at QlikTech


Line Manager

My name is XX and I wish to apply for the position as Front-End Development Manager. I am currently a self-employed management consultant and coach working within IT with organizational transformation and leadership. Now I am looking for a new role that would allow me to continue my interest in leadership and people management together with colleagues.


I have friends and former colleagues within Qlik and understand that the company has undergone changes within the R&D department with a new direction for the project office, its coaches and the line managers. I find this new direction interesting and it sounds like something I would like to be part of. Several of my contacts have also recommended me to apply since they believe I would be able to contribute to the culture you are trying to build.

I expect to be challenged and upheld to higher standards than I am used to. I expect to have peers that are also interested in personal growth, people and empowerment. And I expect to be part of a team that has been given mandate, real mandate, to make informed decisions without micro management so that we can create the environment that will allow Qlik to succeed.


As I understand it Qlik wants to become more innovative, self-directed and lean. It values coaching and prides itself to be a value driven company. I bring, and even teach, strong value based leadership combined with years of experience of Agile coaching and sustainable Lean/Agile transformations. In addition, people and communication is my passion and something I care deeply for.

My addition to the Line Manager role is a mind-set that promotes innovation through experimentation and cross-departmental cooperation to secure understanding between IT and business. To bring balance between research and development I would make sure focus and strategy became part of our daily work so that we do not only look a month ahead, something I believe is vital for a company to be able to continue to innovate.

Finally, my experience from group dynamics, coaching and facilitation would help broaden the concept of what a team should be and feel like – and what to expect from your peers, as I expect from mine. I would bring in visual tools from the creative world to align people and storytelling to bring them on-board.


For the last eighteen months I have been working with YY and the ZZ Department. First as a coach for the department management team in an attempt to help them become less operational and more strategic, then as an Agile coach and line manager for one of their projects. The year before was spent travelling the world and working as a freelance designer and prior to that I worked as a consultant for AA Consulting, mainly focusing on Agile/Lean transformations.

I graduated as M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from BB University, Faculty of Engineering in 2006 and hold several certifications within coaching, Agile and group development.

Throughout my career I have worked in the space between IT and Business and I am keen to build something new and unique. I have worked with many different organizations and countries and led many teams in multi-cultural environments.

If I were to leave my current work it would have to be for a company that is willing to change and that is not governed by fear. I believe Qlik is such a company. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you and discuss this possibility further.

Best regards,


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