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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Queens


Intern Designer

Dear xxx,

I consider myself a multicultural art maker, and my passion lies in design, photography and motion graphics. Coming from a Chinese background, being raised in New Zealand, and having studied design in the US for 1 year, I am intrigued by the cultural clashes of the East and West. I seek to incorporate both aesthetic viewpoints into my work. At xxx, I am always inspired by the multicultural atmosphere and span of the cultural component in our research and works. In my previous print project, I brought together Japanese woodblock printing and the concept of retrofuturism.

I have backpacked traveling through Europe, and for me as an art maker, the most intuitive way of gaining inspiration is from exploring museums, galleries, art shows around the globe.

Canada is a country that I very much enjoy. While traveling in Canada I have visited McMaster, and found the art program quite insightful. Its location gives students accesses to art communities and galleries, and the McMaster Museum of Art provides as a valuable resource.



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