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Sample cover letter for Internship position at RBS



My motivation for applying to RBS specifically originate not only from its sophisticated reputation as a leading banking company (or the fact that I use NatWest, who have been much more helpful and cordial than my previous bank Santander), but also by its values. I found it impressive how RBS always emphasizes doing the right thing and reducing risk for its customers. I especially liked reading about the internal support network and how RBS encourages everybody to bring out their full potential by creating an inclusive and diverse culture. As an international—I am a Korean living in Japan who went through a mostly American education and now attends a British university—I prize diversity and fairness, and these values seem to coincide with those at RBS. My cross-culture background and willingness to embrace diversity will be a great asset to any business in such a globalized world without borders.

I have applied for a programme in services because I am quite interested in the business technology sector in RBS. I have always been interested in technology and programming—I can remember the times when I got an electric shock from dismantling a battery-powered camera and when I programmed the snake game with my TI-84 calculator in BASIC. Now I would like to take that passion and see how it can be applied in real life, specifically in a financial environment. 

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