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Sample cover letter for Internship position at RSM




I am currently student in last year of Master Degree of Business Engineer at the Catholic University of Leuven. As part of this qualification I started a course program relating in majority to Finance and Accountancy understandings as well as a minor in Human Resources Management.

Upon reflection, I made the choice to apply for an internship during the first academic semester 2015-2016 into your company with the objective to prepare my educational career and complete my graduation program.

In order to put my current background into work and particularly my knowledge in firm’s accounting and finance internal control processes, I am highly interested in the opportunity you are offering to follow a junior auditor trainee in your offices in Antwerp, Charleroi or Zaventem.

I believe this trainee can be a good approach to begin with my first steps into the worlds of private and public businesses. Helping all kind of clients in function of their needs to monitor the financial control processes as part of an external auditor team is a necessary experience I want to live, such that one day, I might be able to render it as my own profession. Similarly, to be able to make my personal mind on the quality of a firm’s financial statements is a competence I am currently looking forward to develop and acquire.

Consequently, I feel myself interested to better understand organization’s financial and accounting information and through a dynamic way helping colleagues to provide responsible and optimal advises to clients. In this perspective I am very enthusiastic to think about realising such an internship experiment.

That’s why the integration of your company, within I believe I will understand the way to achieve the technical excellence in auditing knowledge, will enable me to increase my skills as well as to consolidate the choice of my future professional path.

Thanking for your interest in my application, I remain at your entire disposal for any additional piece of information.

Sincerely yours,                                                                    

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