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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Rabobank



Dear Madam/Sir,

I previously worked at XX B.V. in Finance Department. I graduated with the MSc XX degree from the University of XX in July 2013. I was impressed with what I learned of the dynamic and innovative culture of XX.I am interested in pursuing an Analyst position at your firm.

The systematical academic training and education at university had cultivated my analytical skills and built the theoretical bases in finance. Through the working experience at the previous position, by doing almost all aspects of hands-on jobs on financial reporting, bookkeeping and data analysing, I have gained practical skills in accounting and financial analysis and used to pay impeccable attention to details to maintain high-standard work within intensive deadlines. It has honed my communication and problem solving skills by dealing with banks, customers and suppliers. I also had the opportunity to work as an important link between headquarter and subsidiaries in different countries in Europe and proactively improved many aspects of the work. I have become a self-motivated and result-oriented perfectionist who has tremendous resilience and stamina.

Although with the experience in accounting, my true interest lies in M&A. By doing in-depth industry and company analysis, performing careful due diligence process and carrying out comprehensive valuation, I would love to see M&A conducted by colleagues and myself coming true.

Given my background in accounting and finance, together with my strong eagerness to challenge and learn new things, I am a particularly good fit for this position at your firm. I look forward to joining and contributing to XX. I would appreciate an opportunity to visit you to learn more about the company and get your insight and suggestions on where my abilities would be of the greatest value to XX. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


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