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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Ralph Lauren


Marketing Analyst


I am hereby expressing my keen interest in joining Ralph Lauren and being a part of a successful firm. I am requesting to be considered for the industrial placement for next year. I am currently studying BSc Management at Cass Business School, London and in my penultimate year of University. My career goal of working for a successful retail firm in a superior position is something I feel I can achieve at Ralph Lauren with my knowledge and passion for the brand.

I have always been intent on a career in business and this goes back to my days at Secondary school, where I was given numerous opportunities to flex my skills and show why I am pursuing a career in business. I am under the impression that I possess all the qualities that Ralph Lauren is looking for. I thrive on working under pressure to achieve team targets, given brand new sets of data and problems and then being able to interpret them rapidly and correctly is something that has been accustomed to me since an early age; no matter if it’s something I’ve seen before or not. The skills I have attained throughout my education have been firmly based around team work as well as having a strong individual acumen. Studying at Cass Business School has given me further knowledge that the Finance & (Digital) Marketing stream is the path I want to dedicate my life towards.

I believe that I have acquired the analytical abilities to cope in a fast paced atmosphere dealing with difficult problems at Ralph Lauren. This being backed up with an enthusiasm of being able to solve problems promptly whilst maintaining my distinctive interpersonal skills. Just one of them includes being a confident clear and concise communicator to all colleagues in a high speed fast changing environment. Possessing all these attributes makes me an unique individual who is flexible to work with anyone. An example of this would be during my first year in sixth form, I was appointed to lead an engineering competition which was to build a new conventional wind farm. I took this opportunity which gave me practical skills of assembling a new wind farm, and also the business aspect, but most importantly the management ability to assemble a team and work together to win the top prize. We had to handle finances of the wind farm; this included 25 year forecasts, as well as predictions and contract handling. We also had to create a marketing campaign to help promote our venture, as well as an online campaign to help us entice investors to invest toward our project, by using new computer software that was unfamiliar to us. We then presented our findings using PowerPoint, as well as displaying our finances using Excel to 3 huge investors, explaining our project, as well as all our finance/marketing work. To make the competition more difficult we had to work within a specific budget. This gave me the opportunity to show off my business acquisition skills and time management ability, which I excelled at and earned us 2nd place out of 12 schools across Kent. Along with my employment I have constantly been involved with teams and consistently been successful.

This was just one experience of me working practically with the combination of Finance & Marketing. This example exemplifies the thirst I show for Finance & Marketing and the extra work associated with it and why this role is tailor made for me. I dislike being unproductive and being engaged with a team project or individual assignment is something I cope with extremely well. Having responsibilities on the side of university enables me to balance my work load which is a key aspect in anyone’s career.

Being involved with Ralph Lauren will be a major achievement and I am positive that my contribution will be a success and truly memorable. I aspire to be the perfect candidate and I am certain I have the same morals and values that Ralph Lauren believe. For the reasons stated, I hope you consider my application and I look forward to hear from you soon.  

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