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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Restoration Hardware


CSR analyst

Dear RH Human Resource Team,

CSR and the utility of social change for business and vice versa is a subject of immense interest to me and one that I have explored through work in for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations. Similarly, my decision to pursue my MA/MBA, (emphasis in supply chains/sustainable sourcing), was born from the passion to explore the connection between human rights and economic development. I have experience in many topics and fields important to CSR including public policy, civil and human rights, import/export, economic development, non-tariff barriers to trade for SMEs, localization, social enterprise, impact investing. Among the many reasons I am attracted to this position with RH is because I believe my background in these business and trade policy issues with special emphasis in developing, frontier, and emerging markets is well suited to practicing CSR and compliance in the retail consumer product industry.

CSR is both grassroots and corporate, but above all innovative, so I was thrilled to read of RH’s culture of entrepreneurial ideals. As a naturally inquisitive and determined person I am happy to step up to take opportunities, small and large, to help out and possibly learn something or someone new.

I have a lot of experience working with teams, both self-managed and managed, on short and long-term projects. I have experienced the increased value and enhanced creativity that is generated from working closely with others. For me, teamwork also serves as great primer for private reflection and analysis.

I own my projects, I work to become an expert in the subject by digging down to the granular level in order to discover the details and nuances that often have an outsized influence on the big picture. Likewise, to contextualize the big picture through the sum of its parts I am excellent at finding, connecting, and extrapolating on important details and data points. I value getting things right, have learned not to fear sunk costs, and know the value of a good cost-benefit analysis.

As a creative person that is rooted in practicality I really appreciate that RH has grouped their CSR with Compliance. Along these lines I love seeking out new ideas or old ideas re-imagined, which I think is important for maintaining growth in a dynamic area like CSR and keeping compliance and policy forward thinking.

I am a fast, efficient worker, and have thrived in other fast paced environments, as a paralegal, executive assistant, and with private client market analysis projects in graduate school.

My top strengths are analysis, coordination and logistics, writing, and adaptability. Lastly, at the risk of over stating it, this is a dream job for me and I would be thrilled to talk with your team in person. Please contact me at your convenience.

Warm regards,

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