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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at STEMCELL


Research Technologist, Cell Separation

Dear Xxxx-Xxxxx Xxxxxx,

My name is Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx and I obtained a Master degree in Bioengineering with specialization in cell & gene biotechnology. I have professional experience in upstream & downstream processing and purification processes in a recombinant protein production plant.

Having worked extensively with cell cultures (stem cells, neurons and CHO cells) and being involved in process engineering in cell culture facilities, I was excited to discover the position as Production biotechnologist. Having worked extensively with Lonza products before (mainly Western Blotting laboratory experiments), I very much would like to be part of this outstanding life sciences company. I am convinced that my skills in GMP, experience in large scale protein production facilities and scientific background in biotechnology and bioreactor processing will make me an ideal candidate for this position.

After graduating as a Bioengineer with a specialization in bioreactor cell culture processing and fermentation technology, I began my career as a cell culture specialist in a stem cell therapeutic start-up company. I improved stem cell growth by optimizing parameters and testing out different disposable bioreactors.

As a pharmaceutical GMP consultant, I have been consulting Genzyme-Sanofi in cleaning process validation studies for upstream & downstream bioreactors and purification systems for their recombinant protein product lines. I mastered the whole production process from single cell expansion to purified recombinant proteins. I validated cleaning processes for each subunit of the manufacturing cycle: cell inoculation spinner vessel, cell growth vessels, protein harvest vessels and protein purification chromatography columns.

During a R&D optimization project at Baxter, I managed a team of five lab technician in improving a nutritional emulsion at pilot scale. I wrote study plans and followed-up lab scale productions. I recorded all production data in batch records, and evaluated each production campaign with the development team and proposed new study designs for improved production processes.

Lastly, I have extended experience in communicating with customers to handle technical complaints and to give application support. I am handy-man when it comes to using technical equipment: at home I repair everything myself from broken electrical appliances to maintenance of motor engines.

To summarize, I am eager to work in a hands-on workspace, to be part of a dynamic team and to release my creativity in delivering the best production batch for each individual customer.

I am currently able to understand German at high levels (conversational and reading) and am actively improving my speech.

I would very much like to set-up a time to speak with you, either over the phone or in person, to discuss this potential opportunity in more detail.


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