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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at School District


Director of Curriculum


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Dr. ******

Superintendent of Schools, ********


Dear ***********,

The students of ************** and I have a long history together. For the past twenty five years, the success of my professional life has been solely measured in the accomplishments of the students of ************ and I am very proud of the impact I have had on the countless young people whose paths have crossed mine through these many years of teaching, coaching and supervision.

During the past twenty five years, I have engaged in countless professional development endeavors ranging from workshops and seminars to graduate level courses and degrees, all with the same goal in mind, … to become the best educator possible. It could be argued that taken together, the sum of all of these professional development endeavors and education experiences has prepared me for the unique role of Director of Curriculum and Instruction here in *************** not just adequately but extraordinarily. I have spent a lifetime preparing for this opportunity, preparing for this challenge, and preparing for this responsibility. **************** is my home and there is nothing in the world I would rather do than to serve this community in the capacity of Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

Curriculum and instruction are my expertise. I have participated in many committees to develop curriculum here in *********** in various subject areas over the years. I have represented *************** in county-wide uniform course of study action committees in the past and currently am working along with the ************* Coastal Collaborative effort in sharing ideas with many other school districts regarding K-12 mathematics instruction and the developing of expert mathematics teachers as professional leaders in our schools. I have been awarded a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) degree specializing in teacher leadership and have been involved in all of the recent Marzano Art and Science of Teaching observation and evaluation system trainings. As a supervisor of instruction, I am tasked with evaluating teacher lesson plans including corresponding Common Core standards, observing lessons, writing evaluations, supervising committee work, organizing and leading department meetings and being available to assist teachers whenever they have a question or want advice on becoming better at their craft. As a whole, “curriculum and instruction,” is what I do.

But my professional experiences and talents are not limited to curriculum and instruction alone. I have a great deal of experience with grants and grant writing, standardized testing, teacher evaluation, professional development, and K-12 articulation efforts. I am the consumate “team player” and have a very positive approach to team problem solving but my greatest strength in pursuing this position is I am a “*************” guy. I love this community and the students we serve, and would like nothing better than to give back to the community that has given me so much over the years.

Thank you for you consideration for this position.


******************, Ed.D

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