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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Siemens



Dear Siemens Hiring Manager:

I am an accounting student at ___ , graduating in May of 2017. I am very interested in the Siemens Finance Leadership Development Program Internship after having learned more about the opportunity at the Career Showcase. The rotational-based facet of the internship really appealed to me, as I would enjoy gaining exposure to the finance-based departments in addition to accounting. I would love to work as an intern and apply my analytical thinking, leadership and communication skills that I have accumulated through involvement and experience.

As a member of the ___ Honors Program, I have garnered a diligent work ethic that applies to academics as well as any organization or job that I am involved in. My perfectionist mentality coupled with a sense of organization would allow me to be a beneficial addition for taking on several tasks at the same time. Additionally, the various chairs that I have held strewn across diverse organizations has made me accustomed to working on projects of differing nature, ranging from both a director and assistant vice chair position in Student Government Productions to an assistant directorship in Gators Going Green. In fact, one aspect that further solidifies my interest in becoming part of the internship team is the parallel between my conservational goals in the aforementioned organization and Siemens’ emphasis on sustainability.

This is a prospect that I take extremely seriously and I am confident that my abilities suit those of an ideal candidate for the internship. I am prepared to begin with giant strides from day one and maintain the mindset of never stopping my pursuit of additional knowledge from the existing employees to ensure that my performance is indicative of my potential. Siemens has made such a tremendous impact on the world, and as such, I would love the chance to join this effort: to contribute as much as possible.

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