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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Simon Kucher


Summer internship

Being accepted onto the Simon-Kucher summer internship programme would provide an unrivalled insight into the strategy consultancy sector. Besides from being the world’s leading pricing consultancy, one of the qualities, which set Simon-Kucher apart from its competitors, is its core values. Simon-Kucher encourages creativity and a healthy work-life balance, as well as honesty, creating an environment in which I can grow faster, both professionally and personally. Simon-Kucher’s diverse, global and collaborative culture also excites me. As somebody who understands several languages and enjoys working in groups frequently for my studies, I would be very keen to have the opportunity to be a part of this culture.

A pricing strategy that caught my eye is that of Tnuva’s, the controller of over 70% of the dairy market share in Israel. Due to their market power, they raised the price of cottage cheese by over 40% from 2006 to 2011. This would appear to be a wise move according to basic supply and demand economics. However, due to the outrage this caused customers, they decided to stop buying all dairy products in protest, until the prices were reduced. This anecdote displays the importance of considering more than just economic theory in order to manipulate prices – one must also contemplate practicality.

My desire to apply my skills for practical use is what has driven me to undertake a Management course at the LSE. Simon-Kucher is renowned for the highly practical and reliable strategic advice they provide for clients. This satisfies my interest of applying my abilities in order to analyse and solve real world problems. Furthermore, my desire to learn from a variety of different fields drove me towards a Management degree as it encompasses modules ranging from mathematics and economics to leadership and communication. This makes me well suited to working at Simon-Kucher I would have to opportunity to work with and learn from clients from a variety of different industries.

I have also developed a strong interest in strategy consulting through a variety of work experiences. Undertaking the Spring into Deloitte programme, I developed my personal sense of initiative and leadership skills, through presenting two well received consultancy case studies to staff members. Here I was able to develop my market knowledge, data analysis skills, as well as my ability to meet deadlines; all competences that will allow me to become a real asset to Simon-Kucher.Throughout my work experience at the BBC, I assisted on tasks ranging from summarising business stories to creating PowerPoint presentations. This highlighted the importance of teamwork, and its crucial role in departmental efficiency.

Having done two years of community support, I learnt how to comfortably interact with and advise elderly people and young children - a useful skill to have, as client interaction is a vital part of consulting. I am also competent in working as part of a team as demonstrated by my having been a member of local and school football and table tennis squads, the school Amnesty International group and Young Enterprise competition.

With my capacity for hard work and great motivation, I am confident that I would have a lot to contribute during a career at Simon-Kucher. Thank you for your consideration for what I hope will be a stepping stone in that direction.

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