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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Southern Wine & Spirits



I am writing to apply for your position in wine wholesale as advertised on Crimson Careers. This

exciting opportunity appears to be a wonderful fit with my professional experience, personal

interests, and career goals.

I am returning to OOO to complete my final year at OOO University, where I am majoring in economics. Having spent the year working and traveling, I am

eager to incorporate myself once again into the local wine community, to which I can bring

experience in a number of sectors of the industry.

Through eight years in the restaurant field, I have acquired a deep love of and appreciation for

wine and cuisine. I have been known to wax rhapsodic over specials; nothing made me happier

than discussing a bottle with a table. This enthusiasm allowed me to introduce a list of reserve

selections to OOO. The result was an appreciable increase in sales for the

restaurant and repeat attendance by customers. My position at OOO's award-winning OOO

allowed me to expand upon my knowledge of wine, locally inspired cuisine, and the highest

standards of service. Our weekly blind-tastings fueled my desire to further myself in this field,

and I am in the process of acquiring certification through both OOO

and the OOO.

Most recently, I have returned from France where I was lucky enough to work on an organic

vineyard in OOO. I adored working with the young, dynamic, vigneron who ran the estate,

the largest of its kind in the region. A position at your wholesale wine company would allow me

to draw upon this experience and to facilitate the success of such producers. Additionally, it

would enable me to replicate the most enjoyable components of my experience overall: working

with my colleagues in the local restaurant industry, as well as with distinctive, iconoclastic winemakers.

I am readily available via email or phone in order to arrange an interview, and have attached my

resume below per your request. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I

appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


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