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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Spotcap


Finance internship

Dear Hiring Professional of Spotcap,

I am writing in response to the finance internship opportunity available on your website. At this time I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management at the Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences) and am graduating this summer. Within this program I am focusing my studies on Finance and Accounting. Hence, I am very interested for an internship position as an International Accountant at your organization in Berlin and hopefully write my graduation thesis at your company.

The vacancy of Spotcap got my attention because the tasks described reflect my expectation and preferences of my future internship in the finance and accounting area. Moreover, I cope with all the qualifications required, with the exception of excellent German skills. I have good understanding of German and my speaking skills are basic. However, my nationality is Dutch and I hope this is a plus for Spotcap.

I am a hard working student. This can be shown by the fact that I earned three honour stars of which one for perfect performance at the project Lean StartUp. Moreover, I am a Top Class Student and I have received my First Year Certificate within one year. Only a small percentage of the class has accomplished this. Until now I have passed all my exams at one time, with one exception, in the 4 years and my results are above average. I am a disciplined worker who likes a challenge and always wants to be busy and learn something new. I always want to deliver high quality work. Moreover, my friends describe me as social, an easy going person, someone who always smiles and is full of enthusiasm and optimism.

I have gained a lot of practical experience at the University of Applied sciences as that is their focus. I have done an internship before and know how to behave and act proactively within a business. Moreover, by working on projects I have gained good management and teamwork skills, as well as communication skills and conflict resolution. I have strongly improved my English academic writing and research skills, financial analysis skills and more. Additionally, through courses in research, finance, marketing and strategy, I have gained a lot of knowledge in several financial and accounting areas.

At my previous job as a waitress I have learned problem solving under high pressure, team work and learned a lot of organisation skills and fast thinking. I have been to a school in Cambridge in England to improve my fluency and English skills for nearly two months and passed the Cambridge University exam. During my time in Cambridge and also during my one semester study abroad in South Korea I have proven myself to adapt flexibly to a different environment and culture.

An internship within Spotcap will provide me an opportunity to gain further experience and upgrade my skills and knowledge and maybe a future job within the company after graduation. I am eager to learn more by your professionals and the tasks assigned to me. Moreover I hope to finish my graduation thesis within your company with a research topic that will be of the interest of the company and hopefully can contribute to your performance or knowledge.

I believe my skills, experience and knowledge have developed me as a good graduation intern for your company. I sincerely would love to work for your company, preferably from the beginning of February until the beginning of July 2016.

Please feel welcome to contact me via telephone or e-mail.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Merel van Straaten

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