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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Standard Chartered Bank


Wealth Management Intern

Dear [name],

I initially learned of Standard Chartered Bank through their career websitethis fall and I am applying to become a member of this student-run consulting group. As a junior at UC Berkeley aiming to pursue consulting professionally, I am eager to join this nonprofit so that I can not only contribute to Standard Chartered Bank through my unique experience and skill set but also develop as a consultant through the training and development that Standard Chartered Bank offers its members.

Through my previous work experience I have developed a focused work ethic and cultivated the capacity of working in a team environment as well as assuming a great degree of self­-sufficiency with minimal basic instruction based on the circumstance at hand. The variety of my work experiences has offered me exposure to a multitude of work environments enforcing the ability of adapting to unfamiliar situations and shifting priorities quickly as well as a willingness to grasp new concepts clearly. They have also instilled a level of discipline, punctuality and diligence, which is reflected in my work. My extensive volunteer experience has encouraged me to work well with a diverse group of people. Specifically, as Vice President of Interact, an international service based organization, I have become comfortable with budgeting and finance of an organization as well as the distribution of funds in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Additionally fundraisers and other ventures involving interactions with large groups of people working in my team, as well as under my instruction, have greatly benefited my leadership, communication and client service skills.

My desire to pursue consulting stems from my passion of problem solving. As an Economics and Computer Science double major I enjoy gathering and collecting data and making informed decisions as well as implementing the knowledge on hand to solve complex problems and derive an optimal solution. The variety of cases that can be undertaken under various departments, from healthcare to the restaurant industry, also appeals to me as it adds diversity to the profession. Optimir Consulting seems like an ideal environment as it allows the ability for me to grow and develop as a consultant through hands on experience by interacting with real cases and clients rather than workshops and simulations. Additionally, I find the focus on startups particularly appealing as I believe startups have much more potential for exponential growth and development. Enabling a new company to optimize its operations will allow me to make a difference as well as see my results firsthand. I have worked in a professional environment in law firms, advertising agencies and a bank yet I have yet to directly add to my experience as a consultant and work directly on consulting cases.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hani Azam

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