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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Starlinggold


Entry Level

Dear Hiring Professional,

My name is Tek Phou and I am currently a graduating senior at the University of California, Berkeley. I was recently chanced upon your investment firm through extensive research on mid-emerging consultants within the Indochina markets. Designing models, and helping clients build new capabilities together with addressing inefficient processes are tools that will improve and reinforce my passion and drive for this field.

I previously held a summer internship at Campub Bank Cambodia under the risk management department. While there, I evaluated high risk customers through the bank’s Suspicious Transaction (STR) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. I teamed up with the bank’s department head to come up with solutions to help keep the bank liquid, in order to meet its short term financial obligations. I also evaluated and monitored the bank’s solvency ratio on a weekly basis, in order to maintain the bank’s protocol to maintain its long term financial obligations. Furthermore I was brought up with extensive backgrounds in management and PR, as I have diligently served and expanded my family’s hospitality, agriculture and wholesale businesses over the years. Under these experiences, I have developed interests in this field and gained a great amount of analytical and leadership skills.

Apart from my experiences, my Political Economy degree has also prepared me for advanced business writing, field researches, critical analysis as well as analyzing consumer behavior. Throughout college, my internal motivation, attention to detail and personality has enhanced professional attributes necessary for me to have to be a successful professional. Given my involvement as well as my comprehensive backgrounds in commercial banking, hospitality, wholesale and agriculture in Cambodia, I am prepared for the demanding work schedule and multiple tasks given to me. My familiarity in rhetoric and politics will enable me to communicate with clients more effectively, if needed. Also, my high interests on consultation, sales pipeline analysis as well as capital structure optimization, together with my past experiences will be my strength in generating effective and efficient strategies for the industry.

I take pride in my innate teamwork and leadership potential. Furthermore, I am confident that my work ethics can be of nothing but a contributing asset to the company.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualification and what I can offer to your company at the earliest convenience. I can be reached at +855 71 7777 816 or via email at tekphou@berkeley.edu.

Thank you for your consideration.


Teksaing Phou

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