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Sample cover letter for Internship position at State Street Corporation


Global Custody Specialist (Associate 1)

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a final year Accounting and Finance student determined to pursue a career in finance, I am interested in your announcement for an internship opportunity.

During my studies, finance sector excited me more than anything. It is a fast-paced and competitive industry that demands to be diligent, focused, hard driving, and devoted. I believe my skills, personal traits, and passion make me a perfect fit for the industry. In addition, to be involved in producing accurate financial reports and interpreting it, analysing change, researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance and numerous other related activities truly inspires me. Moreover, I appreciate the highly analytical and numerical nature of this area, as well as the wide range of skills set required for different stages of the job.

Obviously, the Company's reputation is a leading factor for me to choose it as the future of my career. In addition, the environment which supports learning and motivates personal development is one of the reasons for choosing Morgan Stanley. Furthermore, I always welcome challenges with a motivated and supportive team in highly teaching and awarding environments which deliver high quality results at the same time. On top of these, a company committed to help society, promote education is right for any socially responsible person. I have been especially attracted by the activities of Morgan Stanley Foundation and Morgan Stanley International Foundation. These are the values I highly appreciate about Morgan Stanley.

I believe, my education provided by Manchester University and experience gained through internship programmes and volunteering activities have prepared me good enough to succeed at Morgan Stanley. Studying in the UK, living and working in the United States have broadened my appreciation of cultural differences and enabled me to sensitively adapt my approach to new environments. Besides this, as an intern in a Government think-tank, making a research on the topic of “Application of IFRS in Azerbaijan” gave me valuable research and analytical skills. While my position as a consultant at “Strong Roots” project of Enactus Manchester, where I carried out market research and consulted a small firm specialized in training for the unemployed, I developed my skills even further. I also had another volunteer experience for Spot Finance project under Enactus Manchester where I taught 20 college students about different financial aspects such as budgeting, savings & interest, trading & investment, business plan. These are the values and skills I have gained which make me an ideal candidate for this position.

Please find enclosed my CV. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the application further. I thank you for your time considering my application.


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