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Sample cover letter for Internship position at State Street


Summer Intern


I am eager to gain insight and experience within State Street especially the investment management division because of its activities, for example, offering strategies for managing financial assets including passive and active. As State Street excels in the passive asset management field, I believe my detailed knowledge of exchange traded fund will have a positive impact on the firm’s financial performance.

As an Economics Student at London School of Economics, I used problem solving and research skills throughout the first year of the degree. Essay and research projects have taught me how to work independently with confidence and take responsibility for my own academic development, whilst economics exams have enhanced my problem solving skills especially in a pressurised environment

In addition to my experience in conducting research on academic topics such as pricing strategies, I have developed the ability to consistently achieving targets during my role as an exhibition helper at the 2014 Hong Kong Book Fair in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. During the event, the team leader was absent due to sickness and therefore I was promoted to be the team leader to manage the team. As a team leader, I carried out two managers’ instruction accurately whilst managing the team. It was challenging to be a team leader at the start in a situation where errors were costly and frustrated the customers. However, after a series of conversations with colleagues and support from managers, problems such as lack of coordination were resolved quickly and increased the efficiency of the operation significantly. As a result, it was recorded an 11% increase in the number of entrants were recorded compared to the amount of entrants in the first two days. I received a bonus for this achievement. Not only has this given me an insight into the realities of a business environment, it has helped me to develop important skills such as leadership, teamwork and client relationship-management. 

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