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Sample cover letter for Internship position at State of Flux




I am currently a Second year Physics student at University College London. Physics caught my attention at an early age because it dealt with the strange and wonderful. Naturally it was the ideal course at university because it also tested and enhanced my intellectual ability. Studying physics at a higher level has enabled me to tackle intricate problems by performing a series of logical steps.

Being a very driven individual who is eager to impress, I am looking for an opportunity to join a management consultancy for the duration 4 months over summer. I am keen to gain experience in a corporate environment, particularly one that works in closely with their clients. In addition, I would benefit greatly from the exposure to clients, broadening my future prospects as well as providing me with contacts from the wide range of industries dealt with by State of Flux. Being a relatively small consultancy I will have the luxury of exposure to senior members of staff, providing me with coverage on important projects and a rare insight into the industry, which will enable me to begin a prosperous career in consulting.

From an early age I was dedicated to broadening my knowledge and skills. For several years I worked for a property manager who invested heavily in real estate, I became experienced in analysing investment opportunities, particularly by employing mathematical analysis. Furthermore, I was responsible for sourcing potential investment, analysing financial data and providing ideas to create a more efficient business. During the summer holidays, while still at school, I was involved in a project to reduce the carbon emissions of a university campus. Which advanced my data analysis, team working, problem solving and communication skills, all of which are applicable to a consulting environment.

I am a strong willed and ambitious individual, ready to progress to the corporate environment. At State of Flux I believe I will not only develop as an individual but also contribute my skills to the betterment of the company. I hope to hear back from you as I am eager to demonstrate my interest in an interview.

Yours Sincerely, 

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