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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Strategy&



I am currently a Second year Physics student at University College London. Physics caught my attention at an early age because it dealt with the strange and wonderful. Naturally it was the ideal course at university because it also tested and enhanced my intellectual ability. Studying physics at a higher level has enabled me to tackle intricate problems using logical methods.

Being a very driven individual who is eager to impress, I am looking for an opportunity to join Strategy&’s Summer Internship Program. I am keen to gain experience in a corporate environment, particularly one that encompasses client interaction, an aspect of consulting that I am excited by. Consulting stands out to me because I aspire to collaborate with clients on thrilling projects, arming me with the skills necessary for a prosperous career in Consulting. Strategy&’s (formerly Booz & Co) impeccable track record is huge motivator for me, but what I value even more is its passion towards innovation and clear vision for the future that extends throughout the company.

I am committed to broaden my knowledge and skills, so for several years I worked with a property manager who invested in real estate, where I learnt to source and analyse investment opportunities. My most valuable experience to date is the Consultancy Summer Internship I completed last summer. Here I analysed data, created reports and presentations, and thoroughly enjoyed creating innovative solutions to client’s problems. Working in a small team to consult clients with their business practices and helping them implement the technology solution taught me the significance of consulting and advising, a highly rewarding role that I desire to continue to experience at Strategy&.

I am a strong willed and ambitious individual, ready to progress to the corporate environment. At Strategy& I believe I will not only develop as an individual but also contribute my skills to the betterment of the company. I hope to hear back from you as I am eager to demonstrate my interest in an interview. 

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