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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Sungivity



Today, the biggest challenge to adoption of renewable energy is the low cost-competitiveness of solar and wind energies. In addition to overcoming the technical challenges such as intermittency and storage, significant improvement in forecasting and prediction of market conditions is needed. System modeling and simulation can give an added edge in financial decision making and resource planning for SunEdison. Given my prior experience with system design and optimization, I can challenge myself to innovate and contribute effectively in this area. Given the ever increasing distributed nature of energy grids, localized energy monitoring and management will be critical to overall system reliability. Towards the development of localized smart grids, data analytics on large scale systems will be needed to identify critical links in the system and to develop control tools to account for the inherently complex energy generation and consumption patterns among domestic consumers. I am certain that learning and practicing data driven decision making will be a useful tool in my career path as a technology leader.

I am an impact driven professional who identifies with SunEdison’s passion for transforming lives. I would certainly appreciate the opportunity of interacting with you to further discuss my candidature.

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