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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Susan G. Komen


Grants and Public Health Intern


Dear (Name)

Komen Greater NYC has worked tirelessly, since its founding in 1990, to raise breast cancer awareness, fundraise to find a cure for the disease, and provide support to afflicted individuals. Being productive and efficient, a quick learner, and a problem solving team player are all qualities that a non-profit organization such as Komen Greater NYC value within their team members. I will be a perfect fit for the Komen Greater NYC internship position based upon my skills, passion and eagerness to further the efforts of this cause, and my voracious need to continuously learn.

As a Quality Assurance (QA) Associate at Progenitor Cell Therapy, I was the lead associate on the three top clinical clients for the organization. I was able to multi-task to handle all of the necessary documentation for the processes from start to finish. By taking the initiative to review processing records the day a portion of the operation was performed, I was able to determine if any mistakes were made in real time. Addressing these issues head on and making corrections where necessary allowed for a 30% decrease in the lag period to release of the product. While being in this QA role, I was able to optimize an already existing processing record review process, solving the issue of time consumption and its stressful nature for the QA team.

I demonstrated the ability as a quick learner as a Research Intern at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. In the 4 months that I was performing research with this institution, I became very familiar with the research methods employed in the lab and was able to perform microsurgery with little to no supervision. This same skill was showcased when I joined Progenitor Cell Therapy in August of 2013. By November 2013, I had proven my mastery in QA tasks and was capable of releasing clinical products without supervision, and had become the QA lead on a major client for the organization.

Through these work experiences, I learned how to effectively work in teams of various sizes in order to accomplish a set of tasks and become a team player. As a QA associate, I was a member of multiple task forces whose main objectives were to critically analyze situations within Progenitor Cell Therapy and determine how best to resolve issues plaguing the company.

These various experiences have allowed me to develop into a detail-oriented, conscientious individual with the need to constantly learn new skills. These attributes are what will help me flourish in the Komen Greater NYC setting. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to review my resume and my cover letter and I look forward to hearing from you to discuss further.


(My Name)

(Contact Information)

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