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Sample cover letter for Internship position at TCTA


Finance Internship

I am B com graduate and I would appreciate an opportunity to join your institution .

I am ambitious , dedicated and efficient and will accomplish the goals and fulfill the ethos of your institution .

I am numerate and have excellent attention to detail . Have strong structure approach to work . Demonstrate problem solving ability , have an inquiring and analytical mind and the ability to work unsupervised .

Work well under pressure and be driven by monthly deadlines. Well organized with excellent time management skills . Good team player and a proactive contributor .

My goals is to grow within the company and I plan to continue to broaden my knowledge by completing my honours part time .

To conclude :if given the opportunity , the corporation can rely on me to be completely dedicated , to show great enthusiasm , to arrive early and leave late , to be accurate , reliable and current as well as an individual that displays an eagerness to learn and achieve .

Thank you for viewing my CV , I look forward to hear from you .

Yours Faithfully

M.G Matthews

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