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Sample cover letter for Internship position at TUM



Letter of motivation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is and I obtained the Abitur at the boardingschool Landheim Schondorf. With this cover letter I want to give the opportunity to make yourself a better idea of my person and explain to you my reasons for my application in the field of "Engineering".

Why engineering?

Technology, science and development are reasons why I apply for this course. Nowadays, in addition to engineers in all industries that are clearly associated with the traditional disciplines, such reinforced sought who can think engineering and science in a very general sense and work. l discovered during my schooldays y interest in this topic, especially in the course of maths and science education.

What are my skills?

School subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology could provide me with a broad knowledge of what I can recall in this program and also expand. It is easy for me to integrate into new teams and the helpfulness of me towards my classmates and my teachers was always positively charged. The rapid incorporation of new topics and my interest in science in general, as well as flexibility and resilience trace myself. Furthermore my personal strengths are compared with learning, commitment, determination, diligent work and my diligence and reliability of the duties assigned to me. This can be based on the show that I've skipped the 8th class and was the head of the class, in both the 11th and in the 12th grade.

Why study at the TUM?

Meanwhile, there are courses in the field of engineering, both at universities and at colleges, but after a careful reading of this "jungle" only a few, high-quality courses are left, including yours at the Technical University of Munich. The curriculum seems very well thought out and structured and it also allows the necessary space for specialization and an individually tailored program of study. Particularly well received with my specialization in the Department of biomedical engineering. One important role in my decision was the good reputation enjoyed by the Technical University of Munich, far beyond the country's borders.

What expectations and objectives do I have?

From the study at TU I hope a profound and compared to the usual engineering courses significantly deeper mathematical science education. At both: theoretic and method orientation as well as on the integration of practice-relevant content from the industrial application emphasis. So that in the course of study the student may be given the opportunity to specialize in a very individual professional in engineering, applied sciences or interdisciplinary topics. I prefer to consider a possible profession in the context of medical technology. As a doctor for me to be no interest inventory itself worked, but I still hope the public can be helped by my technical knowledge.

I hereby declare that I prepared the letter of motivation unaided and uses only the given sources and resources.

....................................................., the ...................................... ......................................

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