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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Team4Tech


Program Manager

Dear Hiring Manager, 

Honking car horns were a continuous sound in the small meeting room in where I explained one of the challenges I had co-created with an education focused social enterprise for the 20 global professionals in the room. Their diverse skills were needed to increase the reach of the organization through new technology, new partnerships, and a refined model. I immediately went back to this experience when I came across the Program Manager role with Team4Tech. Working on innovative solutions to complex challenges in developing countries is the core of my passion. From working with non-profits across  to integrating youth initiatives into African investment projects, I have spent 5+ years advancing organizations’ missions in over 9 countries. 

As a candidate for the Program Manager role, here’s what I can immediately bring to the table. 

Building and managing global programs: As Program Manager with , an international non-profit, I was tasked with managing and re-designing a global skills training program that has trained over 200 global professionals. The role required introducing new technologies to facilitate distance learning, creating on-the ground training opportunities across  and creating an advocacy movement for investment in . In its first two cycles, the re-designed program trained professionals from over 15 countries, secured an additional $100,000+ in donor commitment, and generated new global partnerships. 

Managing projects in developing countries: The majority of my project management experience has been in developing countries. Within, a global investment firm, I was tasked with leading a feasibility study for a $300 million agricultural initiative in Zambia. In addition to managing project milestones and deliverables, I joined a Chief in traveling to the rural project site (his kingdom) and helping gain local support for the project. After a number of long days and nights, negotiating conflicting stakeholder requirements, and finally receiving a village chicken (ask me the significance and I will explain), the project was completed on time and played a critical role in garnering interest from investors. 

Identifying and nurturing relationships: If I had a superpower, it would probably be my ability to always meet new friends—never strangers. Known as a partnership guru in, I assisted the  in developing a partnership outreach strategy built for a global startup with limited resources. I reached out to individuals and organizations who had never heard of us before and found areas of synergy that quickly secured meetings. I amassed miles travelling across the U.S., Africa, and, where I utilized my grit, diplomacy, and communications skills to both revitalize existing partnerships and secure new ones. 

The Program Manager position is a unique opportunity to make a difference in developing countries, and build the capacity for social good in technology companies. As requested, I have attached my resume. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about Team4Tech.

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