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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Tesla


Studio Engineer Intern

Dear Hiring Manager,

After speaking with a current intern at Tesla, I was convinced that I wanted to join Tesla because of its flat organizational structure and fast paced, goal-oriented culture. I am excited to bring the hands-on design experience I gained through multiple projects and my project management expertise to the Studio Engineering Intern position at Tesla. Through my extra-curricular involvement and prior work experience, I am confident in my ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and work in interdisciplinary teams.

As a member on the University X FSAE Racing Team, I gained first-hand experience with prototyping and fabrication. I created cardboard mockups of the vehicle’s body panels prior to fabricating them to determine their unfolded geometry and the exact locations to cut. Using the final prototype as a template, I traced it onto a sheet of aluminum and marked the areas to bend and cut, and did so with metal shears and a bender. By using cardboard to prototype, I reduced waste and saved time during the fabrication phase of the body panels. I’m excited to bring my desire and aptitude to increase efficiency in design processes to the Tesla Design Studio.

Additionally, as an engineering intern on a $12 billion project at Company X, I worked with field-personnel and a document control team to develop quality assurance reports communicating that proper due diligence had been done to ensure our pipeline’s safe operation. My experience working in interdisciplinary teams and with documentation procedures will readily transfer over to this position so that I can “hit the ground running”.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


John Doe

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