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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at The Boston Consulting Group



Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the Associate position at Boston Consulting Group. Having recently attended three different events at Imperial College, where I am currently studying for an MSc in Health Management, and discussed practice as well as culture of BCG with consultants of various positions, I am convinced that my skills would contribute to creating positive change and impact to the Company.

As a trained medical doctor, I have developed great interest for problem solving and pattern recognition in the world of ambiguous medical information. Curiosity, why some clinical practices fail while others thrive, has led me to study Health Management and develop knowledge basis of the business world. Additionally, co-founding an e-Health startup has given me insight how to find the right path in the ever changing competitive environment. As an Associate, I would combine these skills in analysing complex business data, communicating with different interest groups, observing patterns and helping the team to deliver impact for the clients.

BCG has initiated many fundamental strategic breakthroughs in healthcare, most notably International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement pioneered by Stefan Larsson of Stockholm’s office, which has redefined value creation in healthcare industry. I had a chance to get to know these concepts and their application while being a member of Advisory Board at the Ministry of Health of Lithuania. It thrills me to acknowledge how clearly defined strategy impacts on society and creates legacy of positive transformation. Having experienced that in my professional career, I wish to continue on this path and create genuine value and productive solutions as a Management Consultant.

Please find my CV attached for your review. I look forward to discussing my application with you further and outlining how I can best contribute my skills and experience to the benefit of the Boston Consulting Group.


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