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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Top Consulting


Business Analyst


Dear Ms. XXXX:

After visiting your New York office this summer and meeting with Mr. XXXX, my father’s student, I have anxiously awaited the opportunity to apply for a position in the Business Analyst program at Top Consulting, Inc. Your recent presentation at Penn has further fueled my interest in working for you after I graduate from Penn in May.

Throughout my career at Penn I have tackled challenges and participated in projects toward which I have made meaningful contributions. Whether through researching and writing my History Honors thesis, honing my critical eyes as a Writing Advisor or developing my analytical skills at the New York Council for the Humanities and the Regional County District Attorney’s Office, I consistently push myself to develop ideas that help others and provide value to the institutions in which I work.

As a student of history, I value the importance of seeing the past in order to envision alternative futures. Moreover, with a trained critical historical eye, I am comfortable both finding and interpreting complex data. The confluence of my work in the office and the classroom has enabled me to become deft at identifying roots and causes of problems, harnessing information and processing it into useful written or spoken forms. Both academically and professionally, I thrive in situations that require of me intense analysis, problem-solving, and clear writing.

Top Consulting’s expertise on a global scale motivates me to work in the field of management consulting. I would be excited to work as part of a team that provides analysts in the two-year training program an ample opportunity to both accept and delegate responsibility for the tasks at hand. Top Consulting would be the ideal setting in which I could substantially utilize my interpersonal and critical thinking skills in order to provide clients with the best possible strategies for success.

I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss the Business Analyst position with you further. Thank you for your consideration of my application. 

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