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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Towers Watson


Graduate Analyst

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am an undergraduate student of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi pursuing B.A. Economics (H). I am writing to apply for the position of Graduate Analyst – Rewards, Talent and Communication at Towers Watson.

I have always made a conscious attempt to be as unrestrictive as possible in my choices. Be it taking up Table Tennis (went on to win tournaments at State and CBSE levels), my decision to pursue economics over engineering or joining Hiking Club rather than the mainstream societies of college, this reflects in all the significant decisions of my life. On a similar note, the diversity, in terms of the various industries it deals with, allures me to the profession of consultancy. The idea that one can work with a multiple set of companies (industries) across the globe while being at the same job is a brilliant example that reflects the diversity a consultancy firm is equipped with. It breaks the monotony experienced in other professions along with enabling one to make an informed choice regarding the industry wherein one wants to make a career. As corroborated by Ms. Vandana, Senior Analyst, Towers Watson, “No two days are the same”. The collaborative nature of Towers Watson reflects its forward thinking culture and provides numerous opportunities for the employees for their individual growth by taking their career to places.

To my understanding, a good consultant requires three traits – an ability to deconstruct a given problem, ability to propose an effective solution that blends expertise and innovation and lastly effective communication skills to be in a position to explain the situation. Our extensive curriculum and papers in econometrics, statistics, calculus and logic have inculcated a qualitative analytical ability in me. Also, the experience I have gained through my two start-ups – Seherr and St. Stephen’s Weekly has helped me great deal to develop these traits. Using the experience I have had at EY, I have tried to develop a research team of enthusiastic individuals at Seherr by which we enable NGOs to improve the scope of their social projects. Though still at a nascent stage, I have learned to think upon interesting business problems for others while at the same time dealing with difficult situations at Seherr. I have also improved upon my communication skills by talking to clients and discussing their problems, to potential donors and by conversing with personalities like Dr. Shashi Tharoor.

HR consulting would provide me with valuable experience which I can use in future in other branches of consultancy services. Having learned some basics of Human Resources while interning at the HR Dept. of NTPC Limited, I think I have an edge over others for this position. I completed a study of the workforce structure of Indian public sector companies and applied my understanding of the same at Seherr, by managing over 50 interns spread across 7 teams. Finding efficient and dedicated individuals and retaining them was the most difficult task I was faced with. These experiences have tested my ability to think of logical solutions to problems in an innovative fashion. I would like to learn more about the strategies one can apply to make an efficient use of the most important asset of a company – its employees. My diverse background, interest in solving business problems, entrepreneurial spirit and relevant experience makes me fitting for the profession.

My opinion that an employment opportunity at a firm like Towers Watson is the best possible start up for a career for an undergraduate along with the above mentioned reasons prompted me to apply for this job.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

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