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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Trainee position


Database administrator

Database administrator with flair for IT and attention to detail is on the way!
My name is .... and I would like to apply for the database administrator position that was
advertised on jobindex.dk.
I am a new graduate of IT University of Copenhagen, with a degree in Databases and I look forward to
getting to work with data processing, management and big databases.
My motivation to apply for this position is that my degree have provided me with a broad knowledge of
databases and I got accustomed to work with them. I would like to work in an environment where I can
use and improve the skills I got trained for.
During my time as a student, I acquired knowledge in designing and implementing databases based on
the relational model and programming complex queries in SQL.
In particular, one of the courses I undertook, Database Tuning Project, involved analyzing the
performance impact of design choices within a database system ( indexing, query optimization,
concurrency control and recovery) and designing and executing experiments to evaluate a data
management system performance. During the project I used IBM DB2 as a back-end database server.
Furthermore, by undertaking the course Big Data Management, I worked with school assignments that
involved data processing and entry tasks. I also became familiar with NoSQL databases, especially
MongoDB which I used in my school assignments.
In addition, I am an experienced user of Excel that I used in some of my school assignments.
As a person, I am systematic, patient and I always strive to ensure the quality of the work I do.
I look forward to a personal interview, where I will have the possibility to hear more about the job and elaborate on my competences.

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